17 October 2013

The joys of a productive garden

In England, L and I maintained a nice little vegetable patch, an enthusiastic black currant bush, and a wee pear tree that produced one crop of mostly edible pears. Aside from the Great Cauliflower Disaster, we really enjoyed gardening, and especially the great pleasure of meandering around the garden, grazing on what we'd grown.

With our village house and garden, we've reached the next level. We were too busy this summer to plant a vegetable patch, but we are nevertheless raking in (sometimes quite literally) a huge amount of produce.

Behold, the harvest
One of this house's main selling points was its five apple trees. Not to mention the huge walnut tree at the edge of the garden. 

So, with very minimal effort, we are now the proud owners of a very large number of both walnuts and apples. We are also quickly becoming an apple-pushing nuisance to all neighbours, friends, and relatives ('You'd like some apples?! Great! I'll bring the wheelbarrow over in a second.')

The poor trees have been rather neglected over the years, but have welcomed us in style, and one tree in particular produces some very tasty apples.

Smalls has become the apple connoisseur, tasting and appraising any apple that he comes across. This has meant that a few boxes of apples that we have given away almost certainly had a couple of toddler-sized chomps. Which, come to think of it, might be the reason we've been having trouble offloading them recently...

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