My PhotoI am an American who lived for eight years in England and now live in a little village outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. My life should serve as a sober warning to all parents who happily send their children off for 'just one year abroad, Mom, for my studies'. 

I am settling into village life with the help of my Czech husband (L.) and our two boys (Smalls (5) and Smallest (1.5)). Mostly I write about the funny, the strange, and the sometimes philosophical aspects of living abroad.

Need to know more? Contact me at: expatova (at) gmail.com.


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  2. Hi there

    I am the editor of www.expatarrivals.com. I came across your blog in my research and I would be keen to have you contribute to our site in return for some exposure. If you are interested you can drop me an email - shantalie@expatarrivels.com

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  3. Love your blog... please come back writing...!!!