29 October 2014

Touring via pubs: Zastávka Nižbor

Let's say you are sitting at home on a rather cloudy day and the whole family is feeling itchy and like an adventure (and beer!...or juice). Let's also assume you have a train-obsessed toddler and a love of strange pubs.

Do I have the trip for you, my friend.

It goes like this:

The Beginning

Find your way to the charming little village of Zbečno and buy a ticket from the tiny train station. 
You could, of course, also take the train from the larger and more-accessible city of Beroun, but then you would miss out on the historical Zbečno train station.

Fascinating, no?
Next, hop on the train. Train times available from here

Enjoy a scenic 11 minute ride with a very pleasant conductor and a thrilled toddler. You can also take the lead of some of the other passengers and pop open your own beer. 

Hop (and I do mean hop) off the train at Nižbor.

The most important bit

Walk a few metres and find yourself at the very charming station-storage-turned-cool-restaurant, 


Eat delicious and very reasonably-priced food.

Even the boring-sounding 'cream of vegetable soup' was fantastic.

Wash it down with a delicious beer and prepare for the journey ahead.

Other things to do in Nižbor

There are a few things to see in Nižbor, namely: a glass factory and a château.

This is the château...

 so if you over-indulged in lunch, the glass factory is a better place to start.

The glass factory is just across the tracks from the restaurant and offers tours (though we were too late - they are primarily in the morning) and a shop that sells their products (which were lovely, but not really to my taste). More details from their website: RÜCKL CRYSTAL

And now pat your bellies apologetically and climb up.

And up.

And up.

To the top.

The château is being reconstructed and it's possible to take tours (if I understood the sign correctly) and visit the Centre for Celtic Culture, but sadly not on Tuesdays, which are reserved for school trips.

And then down, down, down to grab a quick coffee before hopping back on the train to Zbečno.

The end.