14 November 2013

Working life, peppered dumplings, and student presentations

It's now been two full weeks of work, and I am pretty tired, but very satisfied.

'Pretty tired' is an understatement. Smalls had croup over the weekend, and then decided that sleeping with us was much better than sleeping alone. We suspect this is because he discovered that when he is with us in our bed, should he feel bored at, say, 2 am, there are plenty of pillows to steal, bodies to crawl over, and eyelids to poke. Project: Sleeping Smalls is still ongoing...

I teach for the whole day - all 7 periods - with only a barbaric 30 minutes for lunch.  While lunches are much too short, the cafeteria food is cheap, tasty, and not too unhealthy. There are two options, which are somehow pre-ordered on the lunch card. I haven't quite worked out the whole pre-ordering business, but it seems you choose one option the day before and then you are stuck with Lunch One or Lunch Two. So far, I have had two very tasty lunches (including L.'s most beloved 'school salad', which is grated cucumber with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar), one skipped lunch because I had to sort out some forms and my IT account, and one 'lunch' that has spurred me into reading the menu more carefully.

This last lunch was called 'šišky s mákem' and looks like fingers (if we're going to be school-appropriate) with pepper and flour on the top, and I was very disappointed when it turned out that was the lunch I apparently signed up for. However, I took heart in the three thirteen year olds who were waiting for their second plate in front of me.

Here's a picture from Google:
From: http://www.mimibazar.cz/recept.php?id=12285
It is, in fact, dumplings with powdered sugar, ground poppy seeds, and a generous ladle of melted butter poured over the top.

It was not something I would recommend, and the extra downside was that all of that sugar meant that I was buzzing and twitching all the way through the rest of my lessons. I probably shouldn't have also had the chocolate cake for dessert.

And, finally, in a somewhat related note: I am very sorry to the teacher who was teaching below me when one of my students gave her 5 minute speech on something she's passionate about (tap dancing), and then proceeded to - very literally and extremely enthusiastically - give a demonstration. For at least 3 minutes. I should have suspected something when she put on the tap shoes. 

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