30 January 2014

Sentimentality and the Kredenc

When I first started dating L., my efforts to rid his closet of some very holey, threadbare t-shirts and a bobbled fleece with a broken zipper were met with, 'But...but I've had those t-shirts since I was twelve! My mom got me that fleece ten years ago!' (Precisely my point).

Of course, in the spirit of fairness, I must mention that both L. and I seemed to think it was imperative that we bring a large van full of our things from England across the channel, across a frozen Europe to the Czech Republic.

The bulk of our things, I realised while unpacking boxes a few months later, comprise of holey t-shirts, charity shop knick-knacks, and furniture items that we bought from the rubbish dump's recycling centre. They are all lovely, I assure you.

Which brings us to the kredenc.

The kredenc, in all its glory

When we bought the house, it came with many items left by the previous owners (at our request - along with being sentimental, we also are exceptionally thrifty).

This included the kredenc, which we originally kept as a temporary solution while we waited for our carpenter to have time to work on the kitchen. However, as you can see, it's nestled right into a corner of our kitchen.

'It's very practical,' one of L.'s babickas says (in Czech) every time she comes over. Considering her whole flat is a fantastic time-capsule of Czech mid-century modern style, I'm not surprised.

It's not exactly practical. The left drawer's tracks are completely messed up, so opening it involves a series of careful manoeuvres. It's a little short (thus the baskets at the top). The glass panels at the top are difficult to move back and forth. And the counter area is small and often very dark.

However, in spite of all of this, we two sentimentalists are terribly fond of it. Bless the lovely, funny kredenc.

The current plan is the update it with the help of the carpenter. New tracks for the drawer. Better system for the glass. Hidden LED lights. Possibly new paint job on the drawers and doors.

Our builder suggested that a kredenc in its original condition is a bit of a hot commodity and that selling this one could fund our whole kitchen re-do. Our carpenter laughed.

So, this is a public announcement: if you know of any reason why this kredenc should not be updated for life in a modern kitchen, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Carpenter willing, the modernising process should take place in a few weeks. 

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