09 January 2014

What does the sheep say?

Smalls has been learning his animal noises for several months and very enthusiastically hollers, 'huf! huf!' or 'meow, meow' at any dog or cat, respectively, that he sees.

There have been a few small issues with the linguistic differences between English and Czech animals. For instance, Czech dogs say 'Huf!' instead of 'Woof!' The funniest difference for me is the Czech frog, who instead of saying 'Ribbit, ribbit', says 'Kvak, kvak' - not unlike the English duck. Clearly a case of animal false friends.

A few weeks ago, Smalls and I went for a gentle stroll through the village with a friend and her little girl. One of the families in the village keeps sheep, so we took the toddlers to see them.

Smalls was very excited, and, wanting to have him show off his skills, I asked him, 'Smalls, what does a sheep say?'

Smalls gave me a big smile and then proceeded to make a noise that can perhaps best be written as: 'MNooorgOOmg.'

'Oh no, Smalls,' said I, with a little laugh. 'Maybe you haven't seen a sheep yet. The sheep says, Baaaa.'

...At which point, said sheep turned to us, and rolling her giant black eyes, rather distinctly and quite possibly with a touch of malice, said 'MNooooooorgOOmg.'

In other news, still no snow here, but plenty of lovely sunshine.

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