15 April 2014

Kolik přesně?

I am worried about L.

When I first met him, I thought he was a proper Prague Boy. But it seems the fresh country air of our little village has turned him into an irrefutable Village Boy.

Case in point: we bought a wood burning stove (kamna) a few months ago. It is really lovely to lounge in front of it with a glass of wine after a long day of work. I am a fan of the stove.

L is....more than a fan. I would even venture to say he has turned into a kamna enthusiast.

I hadn't realised how enthusiastic he was until this past week. He told me a village friend had a contact who could provide a nice pile of wood at a good price. Would I mind if he got some wood from said contact?

'No problem, dear,' I said.

Those with more experience in these matters than me will probably see what is coming next, because, as they will no doubt have noticed, I neglected to ask a key question: just how much wood is in a 'nice pile'?

My suspicions were piqued when L started to talk enthusiastically to Smalls about a big truck that would be coming soon.

It was indeed a very big truck, and it left a very considerable pile of wood.
Which has now been divided into two considerable piles of wood.
In the garage....

...and in the cellar

Considering that we use the kamna purely recreationally, at a rate of four or five logs per week, I'm am relatively confident we should survive the winter.

On the positive side, now we really don't have room for the chickens and/or pigs that L has been talking about.

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