31 May 2015

Touring via pubs: Helfenburk u Bavorova

The Guardian reported somewhat breathlessly about a self-service beer kiosk in a Czech village just last week. But, I would submit that an automated beer-dispensing machine pales in comparison to a rustic pub hut in the middle of a ruined castle.

Pub to the left
Helfenburk u Bavorova is the remains of a castle in the south of the Czech Republic near the historic, beautiful and very touristy Český Krumlov. 

Touristy is not exactly the right way to describe Helfenburk.

Though presumably there are more than fifteen people there when the weather is slightly less wet.

To get there: aim for České Budějovice. The parking lot for the ruins are just off the 142 road near Krajníčko. From the parking area, it's a gentle 1 km stroll up hill through the forest to the castle.

The pub:

The man serving the beer had the most impressive beard and a beautiful boomingly gentle, 'Dobrý den.'

Not the bartender

A few more shots of the castle:

This is the website of the society that works to preserve the ruins and runs the pub (it seems). 

And remember:

"Don't leave hungry and thirsty! Ya don't have to!"

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